UPS True Cryo keeps its cool to -150C

Cryogenic container

UPS has launched its UPS Temperature True Cryo service in Europe, which can keep healthcare products frozen to -150C in a cryogenic environment.

True Cryo uses Cryoport’s cryogenic containers, which uses liquid nitrogen stored in dry vapour to keep products frozen at -150 for up to 10 days. UPS says shipments can also be paired with UPS Proactive Response Secure, a financial protection service covering time and temperature sensitive shipments.

UPS Europe director of healthcare marketing and strategy, Jan Denecker says: “When products requiring cryopreservation are on the move, customers want peace of mind that their shipments are safeguarded, so bringing this solution to the Europe market was a logical next step as we continue to expand our best-in-class logistics services globally for the healthcare and life science industries.”