2016 off with a bang for CFR Freight


CFR Freight is not expecting 2016 to be an easy year but following a record breaker in 2015, general manager for airfreight Stephen Bishop, and group chief executive officer, Peter Schmidt-Löffler tell Air Cargo Week.

They say: “The diversification to warehousing and transport has transformed the business and has further solidified the relationship with our clients, the freight forwarders. CFR Freight Group of companies has become the solutions company to the freight industry, not just a neutral consolidator.

“2016 has started off with a bang. We have extended our service offerings and offer express and over border services to the freight industry. Africa is on top of our priority list. We service 80 per cent of the continent with South Africa being the hub for Southern Africa.”

They expect 2016 will not be an easy year and freight will face challenges. Bishop and Schmidt-Löffler says: “That will not stop us from introducing new products and services which we will, through IT integration with our clients, push into the market.”

CFR has expansion plans for South Africa, having opened a new office and warehouse in Port Elizabeth.

In April, CFR will open a new warehouse in Cape Town (city of Cape Town pictured above), bringing ocean and airfreight under one roof, and it is expanding Durban operations, so it will have 44,000 square metres of property.