2018 will see a watershed expansion as SEKO expands its reach

SEKO Logistics chairman, William Wascher (left) with chief executive officer, James Gagne

William Wascher has taken over as chairman of SEKO Logistics and will oversee a watershed expansion for SEKO in terms of its global reach.

The company is looking to build on a year of growth in 2017 by expanding its global footprint, recruiting new partners and making strategic acquisitions, and to spearhead this focus, Wascher has taken over as chairman while president, James Gagne is assuming the role of chief executive officer.

Gagne was promoted to president in January 2017, succeeding Wascher, and the company says given SEKO’s 3PL business, cross-border e-commerce services and demand for its supply chain software services, the former’s appointment was designed the enable the latter to focus on the strategic vision for SEKO, which has involved identifying new ways to grow the business and opportunities for its employees and strategic partners.

Gagne says SEKO is entering its most exciting period in its history, saying: “We are continuing to focus on organic growth but this alone is not going to be fast enough to satisfy our ambitions in the coming years.

“We couldn’t ask for a better qualified Chairman than Bill Wascher to be working full-time on ensuring we continue to leverage our reputation as a supply chain disruptor which isn’t afraid to do things differently to benefit our customers and which is ready to be judged on its results.”

Wascher adds: “We’re evaluating tuck-in acquisitions, partners and ‘out of the box’ expansion opportunities. This includes engaging with small independent forwarders that want to hear about the value of joining our network as well as technology companies in the logistics space that want to join forces with SEKO. We may partner, we may buy.”