Air Partner gears up for COVID-19 vaccine movements


As governments around the world fast-track plans for COVID-19 vaccine distribution, global aviation services group Air Partner is preparing to aid in the quick and efficient delivery of these critical supplies, along with other essential cargo during the anticipated tight peak season. Drawing on its expertise carrying out hundreds of cargo flights thus far in the fight against COVID-19, the leading freight solutions specialist is available to provide unique charter arrangements at a moment’s notice, even to the world’s most hard-to-reach, remote destinations.

“Careful advance planning is well underway in the air transport industry to ensure that capacity needs can be met for any large-scale delivery of potential COVID-19 vaccines around the world, in addition to the high demand of commodities that surge in the fourth quarter due to the holiday season and end-of-year contracts,” said Jack Burt, vice president of US cargo at Air Partner. “While some vaccines and related materials will be able to be transported by land, air cargo will be vital in reaching international locations without local manufacturing capabilities, and Air Partner is ready to assist in that key role.”

With access to any size cargo aircraft, including those ideally suited for the shipment of pharmaceutical and medical supplies, as well as the most advanced temperature-controlled containers, Air Partner’s global freight team is well-equipped to meet the specific transport needs for sensitive and time-critical items such as COVID-19 vaccine-related supplies, materials and equipment. This includes adhering to highly regulated and temperature-controlled specifications, as evidenced by the company’s recent work in the urgent transportation of more than 5,000 experimental COVID-19 test kits from South Korea to Washington, DC.