AAT pharmaceutical good practice award


The Asia Airfreight Terminal (AAT) company has been awarded the good distribution practices (GDP) for pharmaceutical products’ by SGS Hong Kong Limited (SGS). 

AAT says the award is part of an initiative to adopt and follow the best practice of GDP guidelines in the face of growing global airfreight of pharmaceutical products. Its general manager, Khaw Hock Eng says: “Maintaining product quality and safety of pharmaceuticals in the supply chain is highly critical.” 

SGS conducted an on-site GDP assessment at AAT’s terminal (pictured above) in Hong Kong International Airport. The company strengthened its cool-chain facilities, processes and manpower to provide air cargo handling, logistics and storage services for pharmaceutical products that require stringent temperature control.

To enhance the efficiency of handling pharmaceutical products, AAT also assigned dedicated workstations and truck docks to enable rapid movement of temperature-sensitive inbound and outbound shipments. 

Staff have also been trained to GDP standards to handle pharmaceuticals.


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