ABC flies polar bear from Krasnoyarsk to Beijing


A polar bear born at Novosibirsk Zoo flew with AirBridgeCargo Airlines from Krasnoyarsk to Beijing to his new home using a Boeing 747-8 Freighter.

Transportation was arranged by Avanti, a Novosibirsk logistics company, and complied with IATA Live Animal Regulations, and the cargo was handled at Krasnoyarsk Airport by Sibir Cargo Services Company.

The temperature on the flight was maintained between 4-15C, to maximise comfort for the polar bear.

The flight performed as schedule and took place on the bear’s birthday, who celebrated his fourth birthday on the flight.

Avanti Logistics director, Renold Nikolin says Krasnoyarsk Airport meets all international standards of cargo operations, and Sibir Cargo Services is one of the best cargo terminals in Siberia.