ACF video projects in Paris attracting great interest


AZura Productions’ ‘Industry Views’ video project at TIACA’s Air Cargo Forum (ACF) in Paris is attracting a variety of interest with some of the industry’s leading companies already taking up the option.

Air cargo businesses interested still have the chance to sign up for a video, which will involve short interviews conducted during the show from 26-28 October that are then shown on different screens almost immediately.

In collaboration with TIACA, AZura Productions, a business unit of Air Cargo Week (ACW), is shooting the series of videos during ACF 2016.

Producer, Mike Sales explains: “We are looking for real cutting edge comments and views on subjects which concern the future of the air cargo industry.”

TIACA’s unique position, representing the whole industry, provides the perfect platform for expressing what people really think, and interviewer Nadia Dunn, who is well known in the business, will use her experience and skill to maximise the impact of the videos.

The video will be dealing with vital issues such as the future use of mobile technology, improving quality in pharmaceutical shipping, creating more transparency between operators as well as security and other topics.

There is still time to book one of these slots at a very modest price, but only 12 videos can be done in Paris so get in touch as soon as possible.

The videos will be filmed, edited and broadcast the following day in France with promotion in the following:

• ACW Daily News (the official daily newspaper of ACF)

• ACW Digital

• and

• Air Cargo Week newsletter

• Air Cargo Week’s social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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