ACL Airshop and CORE continue rolling out Bluetooth tracking


ACL Airshop and CORE Transport Technologies are continuing to roll out their Bluetooth enabled logistics technology to the global air cargo industry.

Automated tracking of unit load devices (ULD) for air cargo gives carriers and their shipping customers real-time visibility and new efficiencies.

The two companies have concluded extensive field tests with international air carriers and an array of multiple ULDs, with 100 per cent tracking reliability.

Regulatory aspects have been addressed and the big data and predictive analytics are managed in the cloud to military equivalent security standards.

ACL Airshop executive vice president, Wes Tucker says: “We listened to our customers, and these technical enhancements are the result. Now we are rolling it out. Airlines will be able to track the actual cargo loads by the container and pallet, with real-time ‘dot on the map’ monitoring and status reports.”

CORE managing director, Ian Craig adds: “This is a big step forward for numerous airlines and cargo carriers. Our COREInsight Tracking service tracks cargo assets in real time.

“We know this is a low-cost logistics enhancement that remarkably improves how carriers manage their ULD fleet, saving money long-term, and yielding better service to the ultimate end-customers. ACL Airshop and CORE customers will always know where their ULD’s are located and when they are being utilised.”

Craig also predicts that 2018 will be the breakout year for Bluetooth just as the air waybill revolutionised air cargo almost 60 years ago.

The companies say the cost of Bluetooth real-time tracking is modest compared to the many benefits it yields, and the continued roll-out is expected to be brisk.