ACL Airshop promotes Anthony Morgan to role of vice chairman

ACL Airshop vice chairman, Tony Morgan

ACL Airshop has promoted Anthony Morgan to the role of vice chairman, following 12 successful years as president and chief executive officer (CEO).

The Cornell University graduate has been with the company and its predecessors for 25 years, and his achievements include engineering the recapitalisation of the ACL and Airshop enterprises 10 years ago, and merging them into the ACL Airshop brand.

Accomplishments during his air cargo carrier include the introduction of one-way ULD leasing, the world’s first Federal Aviation Administration certified air cargo strap, and developing an exclusive lease fleet of lightweight pallets and nets.

Business more than tripled during his tenure as CEO, and in 2016 he successfully negotiated for multiple institutional investment companies and Ranger Aerospace to help take ACL to the next level.

Morgan says: “When I look back to where we started and where we are today, I am truly humbled by our success.  We are the global leader in Custom ULD Solutions and our equipment can be found at almost every airport in the world.

“This is a credit to each and every person who works at ACL Airshop.  I have been truly blessed to work with the best TEAM in the industry!”

Morgan says he is looking forward to his new role and has full confidence in the management team.

He says: “We will continue to grow our network utilising a customer-driven strategy.  We are building a bigger footprint. It makes us an even better partner for our airlines clients.

“We will expand to a significant majority of the world’s Top 100 air cargo airports in the coming years.  We make our customers measurably more efficient; saving them time and money.”

Morgan remains on the board of directors of Ranger Airshop Holdings, and will be a key advisor to the company’s management and its investors as vice chairman of ACL Airshop.

ACL has its headquarters near Greenville, South Carolina with its main international office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Other major hubs include Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Dubai, Bogota, Sao Paulo, Tokyo and many other major air cargo sites around the world.