ACS breaks the 10,000 mark for charter contracts

Air Charter Service group CEO, Justin Bowman

Air Charter Service (ACS) broke the 10,000 charter contract marker for the first time in its history in 2015.

The company arranged 10,237 charter contracts in 2015, an average of just over 28 every single day of the year. In 2013, this figure was 7,215.

ACS chief executive officer, Justin Bowman says: “It is a testament to our global strategy and growth that twelve years ago we arranged less than 1,000 and now we are booking more than ten times that amount.

“We have added 18 offices in that time, but this figure just proves that we were right to do so, as the business was clearly out there and we have increased our market share year on year.

“We broke our monthly record five times in the space of six months over the spring and summer last year, including two consecutive months of more than 1,000 charters.”

ACS’s diversification strategy last year included a newly revamped OBC division, as well as the formation of Aircraft Sales and Aircraft Leasing teams.