ACS flies priceless Picasso artwork to Morocco for exhibition


Air Charter Service (ACS) was entrusted with flying 11 priceless paintings by Pablo Picasso from France to Morocco for a special exhibition and back again two months later.

The pieces of art, insured for €150 million ($176 million), were transported on an Antonov AN-12, but the aircraft had to fly below its usual cruising speed and altitude on order to maintain a steady temperature and for the cabin to remain pressurised.

The boxes containing the paintings were reinforced and had to be kept upright at all times.

ACS France managing director, Francois-Xavier Camus says: “Our cargo director from ACS Paris personally oversaw the loading and arranged for the truck carrying the canvasses to have direct access to the tarmac and to load straight onto the aircraft. The precision of the operation ensured that the boxes arrived in perfect condition.”

He adds: “The exhibition was a great success and similar diligence for the return flight meant that they arrived back in France safely last week.”