ACS gaining new business in Gateway to the Americas

Air Charter Service
Air Charter Service

Air Charter Service has gained regional business and new clients since opening its Miami office in 2015, head of cargo Florida, Brian Rodriguez tells Air Cargo Week (ACW).

He says so far this year Miami business has been very similar to 2015, mainly due to the geo-political climate in the South American market. “Since we only opened the Miami office in 2015, we have already gained regional business and have had more new clients in this region than last year.”

For the rest of the year, Rodriguez comments: “I expect our growth will continue steadily into the rest of the year – in the US cargo business there’s always a ramp up in the fourth quarter of the year.”

A lot cargo travelling to and from South America goes via Miami, making it an essential place to have an office.

“Our local expertise, along with our relationship with area-based operators and clients are built on deep relationships that begin with face-to-face business dealings. To sum it up, we are in the heart of the operation.”

The new US-Cuba relationship could offer great opportunities, Rodriguez tells ACW: “As Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and strategically located it could become a second base for a lot of shipping companies.”

He believes now the US embargo is lifted, corporations will invest in Cuba but says: “At the moment the current hurdles are the poor infrastructure and customs procedures our clients have to deal with.”

Rodriguez says operating in Miami can be challenging due to the aircraft capacity out of Miami International Airport, and he describes Miami as “a big city with a small town mindset – everyone knows everyone”.

Despite its global presence, ACS is still the new company in town, but Rodriguez it has a major opportunity strengthening its office through a growing presence in the South East, Caribbean and into the Americas.

Rodriguez comments: “Miami has a strong and solid logistics hub which is very attractive for our clients, whether they are chartering, or using any other means of transportation.”