ACS helps animals find new homes following hurricanes


Air Charter Service (ACS) has been involved in a number of flights following hurricanes in the Caribbean, including helping animals find new homes across the US.

ACS Americas president, Richard Thompson says while the company was arranging charters for people to get out of the affected regions in September before the hurricanes hit, and getting relief goods to those in need, it has also been arranging flights to special ‘passengers’.

He explains: “Our Los Angeles office received calls from a number of rescue centres who had to be evacuated from Florida, as they lay in the direct path of the storm.”

“The charities were looking to fly the rescue cats and dogs to their new sheltered accommodations. We arranged for Beech 1900 and Metro aircraft to fly the animals to Nevada, Oregon and California.”

Thompson adds the animals have settled into their new dwellings hopes they will all get new owners soon.