ACS reports steady growth in charter volumes

Air Charter Service CEO, Justin Bowman

Air Charter Service reports it has seen charter numbers rise year-on-year (YOY) by nine per cent at its financial year’s halfway point as of 31 July.

ACS Group’s chief executive officer, Justin Bowman (above) says: “Numbers are up nine per cent compared to the same time last year at more than 5,800 contracts to the end of July.

“We’re very pleased with this continued growth, as last year was our best year by quite some way, exceeding our expectations.

“This year so far we have not had any ‘special events’, such as the West Coast Port Strike last year, for which we were doing up to three Boeing B747 charters a day for three weeks.

“The largest project that we have undertaken in 2016 was the 48-leg Iron Maiden world tour between February and July using the B747 nicknamed ‘Ed Force One’, but that only counts as one charter contract.

“Away from full charters, our revamped onboard courier division is doing very well indeed, with an increase of 94 per cent, having said that, last year was its inaugural one following our new investment in it. They are on track to hit 1,000 jobs this year, which will be a remarkable achievement.”