ACW/IATA CEIV Live Animal webinar ‘great success’

The original announcement of the event

To listen to the webinar, click here

Air Cargo Week has hosted its first webinar, in conjunction with IATA. The highly successful event, which looked at CEIV Live Animals certification, was an hour-long production. Participants from around the globe joined in to hear James Graham, ACW editor, lead a panel consisting of Andrea Gruber, IATA head of special cargo, Maria Jitomirski, IATA  project manager CEIV Live Animals and Tristan Bradfield, deputy manager of Heathrow Animal Reception Centre (HARC), a CEIV-certified entity.

Graham said: “The webinar was a great success. The hour went off effortlessly and was very enjoyable to head. I pay tribute to the panellists for their very high standard of presentation and industry knowledge.

“We had some 45 questions from the large number of participants and these were of a very high quality. I am sure those listening and taking part came away with a much deeper understanding of the issues and challenges surrounding the movement of live animals.”

To listen to the webinar, click here

Managers at Air Cargo Week were pleased that around 500 participants registered for the event.

Kim Smith, ACW Operations Director, said: “This was our first webinar but it won’t be our last! The experience widened our expertise in this form of media event and I know that those who took part were very pleased with the experience and the questions that were asked of them by the audience.

“This is a big step forward for Air Cargo  Week as it takes us into new opportunities to expand our profile as the world’s only weekly airfreight newspaper.”


To listen to the webinar, click here