AEI to carry out third 737-400SF freighter conversion for Kalitta


Aeronautical Engineers (AEI) has inducted its third 11 pallet Boeing 737-400SF freighter conversion for Kalitta Charters, and will re-deliver it at the beginning of September.

The aircraft, MSN 25849, arrived at Commercial Jet’s Miami facility and modification is underway.

AEI says its 737-400SF is the only passenger to freighter conversion offering operators 10 full height 88×125” container positions, which is achieved by the main deck cargo door being located 40” further back than the competition.

It says this increases volumetric carrying capability by 10 per cent.

The aircraft will provide Kalitta with a highly flexible Ancra CLS capable of carrying multiple ULDs including 10 88×125” in P1 to P10, or 10 96×125” in P1 to P10 and 1 53x88x64” pallet or AEP/AEH or 60.4×61.5” AKE/LD3 or 61.5x88x56” AYY in P11.