AEI to carry out CRJ200 freighter conversion for Airest


Aeronautical Engineers (AEI) has signed a contract to provide Regional One with a CRJ200 SF Freighter, to be leased to Airest.

Modification of the aircraft started last week at Commercial Jet’s Miami, Florida facility and will be re-delivered to Regional One in the beginning of April 2018.

Regional One will be providing a financial lease of the completed CRJ200 SF to Estonia-based Airest, which will be the first European operator for the CRJ200 SF.

Tallinn based-Airest, which has a fleet of nine Saab 340s, plans to acquire and operate up to four AEI CRJ200 SF.

The AEI CRJ200 SF will provide Regional One with an Ancra CLS capable of carrying eight 61.5×88 containers.