Aeronautical Engineers delivers two 737-400s to Vx Capital Partners


Aeronautical Engineers (AEI) has redelivered two Boeing 737-400 Special Freighter conversions to Vx Capital Partners.

The first aircraft, MSN 28887 was modified by KF Aerospace and the second aircraft, MSN 25376 was modified by Flightstar Aircraft Services.

Vx contacted AEI in January 2014 to modify one aircraft before making the second order, which represent the 18th and 19th 737-400SFs delivered to Vx, making it the largest leasing company customer to AEI.

The leasing company has two additional AEI 737-400SFs undergoing modification, which will be redelivered in the beginning of the second quarter.

The AEI 737-400SF has a Ancra CLS capable of carrying multiple ULDs including 10 88”x125” ULDs in P1 to P10 or eight 96”x125” in P1 to P10 and one 53”x88”x64” pallet or AEP/AEH or 60.4”x61.5” AKE/LD3 or 61.5”x88”x56H AYY in P11.