Aeronautical Engineers to provide Vx with another 737-400SF


Aeronautical Engineers (AEI) has signed a contract to provide Vx Capital Partners with an additional Boeing 737-400SF.

Modification of the aircraft will commence in May 2018 with AEI’s authorised conversion centre Flightstar Aircraft Services carrying out the work in Jacksonville, Florida.

The aircraft will be redelivered in October 2018 and will be the 22nd AEI 737-400SF for Vx.

This month, AEI redelivered two 737-400SFs to Vx Capital Partners, with 18th and 19th aircrafts, with two more undergoing modification and scheduled for redelivery in the beginning of the second quarter.

AEI’s 737-400SF will be able to carry ULDs in various positions including 10 88”x125” ULDs in P1 to P10 or eight 96”x125” in P1 to P10 and one 53”x88x64” pallet or AEP/AEH or 60.4”x61.5” AKE/LD3 or 61.5”x88”x56”H AYY in P11.