AeroUnion outsources ULD management to Jettainer


Mexican cargo airline AeroUnion has outsourced the management of all its Unit Load Devices (ULDs) to Jettainer. This was announced by both companies yesterday at TIACA’s Air Cargo Forum in Miami. The global market leader in ULD management has taken over more than 800 units from the airline and will position and manage them to the highest efficiency with its team of experts and intelligent IT systems, as well as being responsible for maintenance and repair. The contract
was concluded for a period of five years.

AeroUnion is based at Mexico City Airport and operates an all-cargo fleet of three A300s and two Boeing 767-200s, serving an extensive network of 21 destinations in the US and Latin America via Mexico City.

To ensure that the ULD management is as efficient and sustainable as possible, AeroUnion has engaged the expertise of Jettainer for this purpose. The ULD specialist carries out precise fleet analyses in order to exploit potential for optimisation and thus save costs. In addition, Jettainer also takes over the complete management and maintenance of the ULDs, ensuring that the loading equipment is always available at
the right place at the right time.

“With Jettainer, we have found a partner who guarantees us 100 percent and also highly efficient ULD availability. At the same time, it was important to us that a high understanding of the cargo business and the necessary flexibility and customer orientation be brought in, which is fully present at Jettainer,” said Alonso Haro, CEO AeroUnion at the contract announcement in Miami.

“AeroUnion adds another ambitious cargo airline to our customer portfolio in the Americas. The region is an important growth market for us, where we want to further expand our leading role. We are very much looking forward to supporting the airline on its growth path with innovative ULD services,” added Shailendar Kothari, managing director at Jettainer Americas Inc.