AfA wins day on Carnet rules


THE Airforwarders Association (AfA) has welcomed the US Census Bureau’s decision to keep the Carnet exemption in place for temporary shipments to and from the US, after warning of the administrative burden companies could face.

Executive director of AfA, Brandon Fried, warned in July that changes to ATA Carnets, which are passports for freight, would mean every item is itemised. ATA Carnets are an exemption from taxes and levies for items being shipped to the US and leaving again after a short period. The Census Bureau was planning to eliminate the Carnet exemption from the electronic information filing for goods leaving the US.

Fried says: “We are pleased to report that the agency [Census Bureau] has formalised its reconsideration of the regulation exemptions related to Carnets, temporary exports and shipments under a temporary import bond will be reinstated.” In a letter to AfA members, Fried thanked members for their input. He adds: “What you provided helped us build a case with the regulators for maintaining the Carnet exemption, and it appears to have enabled us to carry the day.”


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