Africa – the next frontier for commercial drones

Sanjeev Gadha

Africa will lead the way in adopting drone technology, out of necessity, which will result in a leap to the next frontier, believes aviation entrepreneur Sanjeev Gadhai. The use of cargo drones in Africa will improve accessibility and connectivity in an efficient and cost-effective manner, which will be replicated in other regions in the world.

He will be one of the speakers at the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference, which will take place on November 28, 2018, at RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

With over 20 years of experience in aviation and logistics in Africa, Gadhai is an entrepreneur with a vision to enhance accessibility and connectivity, with the objective of reducing the time and cost of last-mile delivery solutions within Africa with the use of commercial drones.

The conference aims to bring together manufacturers, operators, knowledge institutes, consultants and government organisations active in the upcoming field of unmanned cargo aircraft.

Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (UCA) are a relatively new phenomenon; the first UCA service is to be started in Kenya this year. UCA offer the potential to transport loads of 1 to ten tons or more over both short and long distances, on routes that are unfeasible or uneconomical for other modes of transport. During the conference, internationally renowned speakers will introduce UCA development projects and potential applications.

Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference is part of Amsterdam Drone Week 2018.