AIA Cargo implements Champ’s Traxon cargoWEB+


AIA Cargo in partnership with Champ’s Traxon cargoWEB+ system has implemented the first stage of its new on-line booking portal service.

The system enables the GSSA and its client airlines to offer a professional round the-clock customer service via the AIA website. The system is fully managed and controlled by AIA staff who decide which functions are to be offered and which clients has access to which function. The self-registration of a customer for access is fast and easy.

Some of the features include: bookings, overview of products, rates and surcharges, FWB/FSU messaging, allotment and interline bookings, shipment tracking, flight schedules, routing and availability, airwaybill stock control and usage reports

Initially the portal will be open for booking on Cypriot carrier Cobalt who AIA are the worldwide GSSA partner. Clients can book on all Cobalt sectors ex-Cyprus to Europe or Europe to Cyprus. The next stages will see additional AIA carriers being added to the portal.