Air Cargo Belgium officially launched


The Air Cargo Belgium organisation has been launched to officially represent the cargo community at Brussels Airport.

The non-profit organisation will be the official representative of Brussels Airport’s freight division, Brucargo, bringing companies together for projects to create an integrated logistics chain.

The Flemish government has granted Air Cargo Belgium an annual subsidy of up to 150,000 euros ($168,675) over the coming three years to innovate business networks from the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency. The organisation will also be funded by major companies and other stakeholders in the community, and will continue operating after three years without subsidies.

Brussels Airport Company chief executive officer, Arnaud Feist says: “The establishment of Air Cargo Belgium is an important step for the entire cargo community at Brussels Airport. This community now consists of almost 5,000 people with wide-ranging jobs at the airport. A further 10,000 people are employed indirectly, thanks to Brucargo’s activities.”

“It is important that we get ourselves well organised now so that we can seize these growth opportunities and maintain the position of Brussels Airport as a preferred European airport thanks to its smooth processes, innovation and logistical and organisational collaboration across companies.”