Air Cargo Belgium turns 5


Air Cargo Belgium, the cargo community organisation at Brussels Airport turns 5 years old today.  As a founding partner, Brussels Airport has taken the opportunity to congratulate Air Cargo Belgium on its 5th anniversary and on the important role it has played in the past years.  

Bundle forces

It was on April 26 2016 that Air Cargo Belgium VZW was officially launched. This was the result after a long period of meetings, dialogues and forming a strategy. On top of that, it was of utmost importance that the ‘founding fathers’ agreed on a common vision. The ultimate goal: to bundle the forces at BRUcargo and the airfreight industry for once and for all.

How did they do it?

Geert Keirens, director of ACB: “The magic lies in the close cooperation within the community. We think, act and work as one integrated supply chain within a multi-company environment. Over 100 individuals from more than 80 companies are participating in different steering groups or projects. All community initiatives are managed as projects with a bottom up approach linked to a strategic vision.”

Steven Polmans (previous chairman of ACB and current Chairman of TIACA) about the impact of ACB and the global acknowledgement: “As the former director cargo & logistics of Brussels Airport, I firmly believe that ACB has brought together the various players at BRUcargo to jointly seek solutions for the greater good. I think that thanks to ACB, BRUcargo is a perfect example of a modern and forward-looking ecosystem and the value that such an ecosystem can generate for its participants as well as the wider environment.

“Moreover, from my international position as president of TIACA, I can say that in a very short time ACB has built a reputation and an image worldwide for the work they do and the role they play and, above all, the results they achieve. Quite a few other airports look at Brussels with a mixture of interest and jealousy when it comes to ACB.”