Air cargo leaders support improved ULD handling


Air cargo leaders pledged their support to improve Unit Load Device handling to kick off the 31st Annual ULD Care Conference.

ULD Care, in collaboration with Nordisk and Jettainer have created a ULD with stickers signed by attendees pledging their support at the conference in Guangzhou, China.

ULD Care president, Urs Wiesendanger says: “We are very pleased to receive such a great response to our appeal of our members to make a commitment to our Code of Conduct principles.

“This commitment is demonstrated by the continued support of our organisation, adding new signatories to the Code of Conduct and promoting the code around the world.”

ULD Care vice president, Bob Rogers adds: “This ULD will be put into service by Jettainer and Lufthansa and will circle the globe with Lufthansa, raising awareness and bringing attention to ULD CARE and the Code of Conduct.

“We would like to thank our partners and members for showing this commitment and moving our industry forward.”