Air Europa renews contract with CHEP

CHEP Aerospace Solutions AKE ULD in aircraft hold

Air Europa has renewed its unit load device (ULD) management partnership with CHEP Aerospace Solutions for another five years.

Under the agreement, the Spanish airline will receive 770 lightweight containers from CHEP. The ULD firm now provides passenger airlines which carry cargo with lightweight LD3 containers from its pool of 90,000 ULDs.

CHEP Aerospace Solutions president, Dr Ludwig Bertsch says: “Air Europa is one of our most loyal customers and we are proud that in addition to renewing our partnership we have also completed the transition of all our passenger airline LD3 containers to lightweight units weighing between 55 and 65 kilogrammes.”

Air Europa handling contract manager, Mauro Rodriguez says: “As sustainability is high on Air Europa’s agenda we have decided to switch to lightweight containers to reduce our carbon footprint and fuel costs. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with CHEP.”