AirBridgeCargo delivers 28 tonne motor to Shanghai


AirBridgeCargo Airlines has delivered an ABB motor from Vasteras in Sweden to Shanghai, China on behalf of Greencarrier Freight Services.

The oversized shipment was trucked from Vasteras to ABC’s online station in Amsterdam for loading onboard a Boeing 747 Freighter.

Specialists from the abc XL team organised the shipment, which weighed close to the maximum payload allowed per position in the cargo hold.

After examining the technical details, the team suggested leaving the 28-tonne motor on its metal beams without dismantling after they planned a precise loading scheme, allowing the gross weight to be slightly lowered and leaving the shoring and motor intact.

Sergey Lazarev, general director of AirBridgeCargo says: “Our abc XL team consists of expert loadmasters, engineers, sales, and operations personnel who understands the significance of every decision they make. We are delighted to see yet another out-of-gauge shipment being delivered by air without any hurdles, despite the circumstances.”