AirBridgeCargo transports 500th aircraft engine of the year

Picture credit: Alexander Ershov

AirBridgeCargo (ABC) Airlines has transported its 500th aircraft engine in 2018, with numbers growing 50 per cent year-on-year helped by the strength of its abcXL product.

The abcXL product is underpinned by the shipment management and monitoring solution offered by ABC’s Control Tower, with transportation of special cargo being monitored and coordinated by its Control Tower, a team of personnel working 24/7 to guarantee seamless deliveries.

Monitoring includes all important shipment records, the technical condition of the aircraft, temperature settings and changes, shock sensing data and weather forecasting among other things.

ABC global director of heavy and outsized cargo, Vasily Zhukov says the 500th engine is a milestone serving as a “quantum leap” in the development of abcXL.

He says the airline has realigned procedures, working with partners, trained personnel and introduced 3D modelling software tools to enhance load planning and minimise the time required for ground handling procedures.

Zhukov says: “This 500th transportation in only eight months of the current year proves once again that our customers recognise the value provided by AirBridgeCargo Airlines, trust our global abcXL team of experts, and appreciate our dedication to meeting every requirement.”