Airlander ready to return to the skies following repairs


The Airlander 10 is repaired and is being prepared to take to the skies again.

The hybrid aircraft built by Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) took to the skies in August 2016 but sustained structural damage to the Flight Deck when it suffered a hard landing during its second test flight.

HAV says the flight deck instrument panels, overhead console and all associated wiring have been reinstalled, which was aided by weeks of preparation allowing large sections to be moved at the same time and clipped into place.

HAV chief executive officer, Stephen McGlennan says: “We’re delighted to have made the progress we have in our repairs and look forward to restarting our test flight programme soon.”

The company says it has identified the cause of the heavy landing and a number of changes in procedures and training have been implemented.

HAV is not announcing a specific date for the next Airlander flight saying safe flights are the priority and further announcements will be made due course.