Airwards announces global drone award winners


Over 120 global submissions were judged by 38 drone experts and business leaders to award this year’s 18 Airwards main category winners. Announced during the second-ever Airwards Winners’ Week (23-31 May 2022), the winners have been recognised by Airwards as the pinnacle in innovative, responsible and impactful projects made possible with drones.

Identifying malaria mosquito breeding sites; delivering urgent health supplies to remote communities; tracking Pangolin poachers; locating people faster in disaster relief operations; measuring methane to reduce carbon emissions; and educating children in drones with a STEM-themed Mars flight training mission – are just some of the groundbreaking, lifesaving and pioneering drone projects to be awarded in the 2021/22 Airwards.

Airwards 21/22 Winners – Technology

Airwards 21/22 Winners – Operations

Airwards 21/22 Winners – Supporting Services

Airwards 21/22 Winners – Industry/Field

Airwards 21/22 Winners – Giving Back

Richard Nichols, Airwards founder, says: “We’ve been blown away by the breadth of groundbreaking drone work in the past year. Coming out of the pandemic hasn’t been easy, but I think the winners all demonstrate the commitment – by companies of all sizes – in providing lifesaving solutions with drones. The judges had a tough job determining the winners but all those recognised in this year’s Airwards demonstrate the highest level of innovative, responsible and impactful drone work. We’re excited to see all of these positive use cases flourish – pushing boundaries and improving the world we live in – and to see what the next 12 months hold!” 

From pioneering conservation work and lifesaving projects to groundbreaking innovation and tech, Airwards is the first global awards programme to recognise the breadth of drone work being carried out around the world. Launched in 2020, the not-for-profit is dedicated to demonstrating that ‘Life’s Better With Drones’ by recognising positive use cases and championing global best practice scenarios in which drones are helping industries solve problems and save lives.