Alaska Airlines adds Freight For Less for Club 49 members


Alaska Airlines has added a new perk called ‘Freight for Less’ for its Club 49 program members enabling them to make major savings on intra-state cargo shipments.

Members can save up to 90 per cent, booking up to 100 pounds of freight through Alaska Air Cargo for a flat rate of $10.

Individual shipments dropped off at Alaska Air Cargo within 24 hours of arrival or departure are eligible for discounted rates.

The airline is also offering an every day cargo benefit, where members can ship up to 100 pounds of cargo to 17 Alaska communities for a flat rate of $40.

Alaska Airlines regional vice president, Marilyn Romano says: “We know that air travel and freight are a way of life in our great state, especially in rural Alaska.”

“By adding Freight for Less to our lineup of Club 49 benefits, Alaskans can save money when they travel with or ship their gear and their groceries all on Alaska Airlines.”