Alibaba and Canadian government sign agreement aimed at growing trade

Alibaba Group's corporate campus in Hangzhou, China
Alibaba Group's corporate campus in Hangzhou, China

Alibaba Group executive chairman Jack Ma and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signed a declaration of cooperation on 3 September strengthening efforts to promote trade between Canadian small and medium sized businesses and Chinese consumers.

Both Ma and Trudeau say the agreement empowers the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service and Alibaba to work together to expand the two-way flow of goods, services and people.

The two sides will strategise on how to use e-commerce to stimulate trade, with opportunities for Canadian small and medium-sized exporters.

Ma says Alibaba can serve as the gateway to China for Canadian businesses of all sizes, representing a great opportunity for Canada and for China and hailed it as a “new chapter in our future together”.

PM Trudeau says Canadian businesses now have a permanent e-home on the world’s biggest online shopping site and with it, the ability to reach over 400 million Chinese consumers.

Ma and Trudeau also launched the Canadian Pavilion on Alibaba’s shopping platform, Tmall Global. The Canadian Pavilion makes it possible for Canadian businesses large and small to directly reach Chinese consumers.

It was launched with more than 30 businesses participating, selling more than 100 products. It will feature special promotions for unique Canadian products such as apparel, ice wine, maple syrup, seafood and health products.