Antonov Airlines drums up door-to-door service


Antonov Airlines has delivered two rotary drying drums from France to Australia, providing the customer a door-to-door service.

The drums were moved from Paris-Vatry Airport to Port Hedland International Airport on behalf of chemical company Yara Pilbara Nitrates.

Eight sub-contractors were employed to complete the door-to-door project that involved two AN-124-100 flights.

Graham Witton, managing director of Antonov Airlines’ UK office says: “Executing a shipment like this one requires extensive planning, as we not only had to secure the flight permits, but we also had to organise road permits and transport, as well as crane loading and unloading from truck to aircraft and vice versa at the destination.”

He adds: “Antonov Airlines UK office was instrumental in arranging the ancillary services and it shows that Antonov Airlines is able to respond as comprehensively as necessary beyond the role of charter flight mission when our customers call us to go that one, or in this case eight steps further.”

Road transport from the vendor, cranes for loading and unloading, delivery to YPN’s remote facility, as well as documentation preparation and processing were all required to move two 21-metre drying drums each weighing 57 tonnes.

Stewart Thatcher, project director at Yara Pilbara Nitrates says: “The transportation went very smoothly, and this critical equipment was delivered safely and on time to allow handover to our construction contractor as planned.”

The drying drums were transported in tailor-made wooden saddles designed by Antonov’s engineering team to secure the cargo and prevent abrasive damage to the equipment.

The rotary drums were transported from the factory to the end use, with Antonov’s custom loading ramp being used to load and offload them from the aircraft.

The drums are used to manufacture ammonium nitrate to supply the mining industry.