Antonov AN-2-100 completes first test flight


Antonov has completed a test flight for its AN-2-100, an up-to-date modification of the AN-2 bi-plane at its Kiev test base on 11 April.

The AN-2-100, which has a payload of 1500kg, lifted 3,202kg, a record for such an aircraft to an altitude of 2,700 metres, piloted by Sergii Tarasiuk with Valerii Yepanchintsev as co-pilot.

The AN-2-100 is intended for passenger, cargo and mixed journeys on local routes, and can be operated autonomously at small airfields in a wide altitude range, under good and adverse climatic and weather conditions.

The new aircraft uses an MC-14 turboprop engine, designed and produced by the Motor Sich Public Joint Stock Company, which substitutes aviation gasoline with aviation kerosene, which Antonov says increases profitability.

It is equipped with the AV-17 reversible propeller instead of the AV-2, and the AN-2-100’s operational empty weight is 200kg less than the AN-2.

The AN-2-100 is named Henrih Ongirskii in honour of the deputy general designer of Antonov company, H.H. Ongirskii, who made great contributions to the AN-2 and AN-3 development programme.