Antonov AN-225 carries shipment to Abu Dhabi


The Antonov AN-225 Mriya took its first trip from Ukraine to Abu Dhabi carrying a shipment for UAE-based WACO System member, Freightworks.

The aircraft, which has six engines and weighs 600-tonnes, transported six pieces of cargo weighing 155 tonnes, consisting of a compressor skid and associated system equipment.

Freightworks director projects, removals and fine arts, Andrew O’Donnell says: “Handling for the largest aircraft in the world has been an exciting challenge for the Freightworks team. Now and then, there are seminal events in the airfreight industry, and we are honoured to have been a part of this one.”

WACO System executive director, Richard Charles says: “Handling cargo for the Antonov AN-225 on what is only its first journey to Abu Dhabi has allowed Freightworks to demonstrate the expertise and ability which The WACO System requires in all its members, and in an engagement which demanded nothing but the best.”