Art for art’s sake, thanks to IAG Cargo


To celebrate International Museum Day last week, IAG Cargo released a video detailing its work with the UK’s National Gallery on its recent exhibition: Monochrome: Painting in Black and White. IAG Cargo, which sponsors the exhibition, was responsible for ensuring 50 works by artists including Picasso, Rembrandt and Richter reached the London’s National Gallery safely and in style.

Brought together using IAG Cargo’s specialist Secure product, the exhibition contains works that travelled from Chicago, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, LA and Moscow among others.
In the video, Larry Keith, Head of Conservation and Keeper at the National Gallery, talks about the Gallery’s chief considerations when shipping art, and highlights the importance of working with logistics partners it can trust.

During the International Museum Day events, participants looked at a wide range of topics including the security considerations of shipping art and artefacts around the world.
IAG Cargo has a long history guaranteeing art and other valuable items reach their destinations securely and has partnered with organisations including the British Museum and National Gallery to move some of the world’s most valuable artefacts.

Secure is IAG Cargo’s exceptionally high-security service for these and other precious cargos. The product is supported by custom-built facilities offering the highest levels of safety and protection and Secure staff and customers must meet strict security vetting before using the specialist facilities.

The video can be viewed here.