ATTA Shipping and Cargo boosts DWC presence for China Airlines


China Airlines is moving from Abu Dhabi International Airport to Dubai World Central (DWC) Airport on 16 April.

The 16 April inaugural flight to DWC will be arriving from Taipei. Following the first flight the airline’s plan is to increase its frequency of service, according to the carrier’s general sales agent (GSA) for the northern Emirates and Dubai, ATTA Shipping and Cargo.  This new frequency is expected to be seven flights West bound and tow flights East bound. 

“We are arranging a ceremony on this inaugural flight, followed by session from GSA, China Airlines to the top agents and freight forwarders on this market,” says ATTA’s operations manager, Mazhar Marzook. “Due to the change of operations to DWC airport, we are now equipped with additional sales and marketing [resources] exclusively for marketing China Airlines in the region.”

These additional resources include a new airport office in DWC is also setup by ATTA, will full fledge operational team handled by China Airlines.


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