Authorised AEI conversion centre KF Aerospace adds second line


Aeronautical Engineers, Inc (AEI) has announced that KF Aerospace is adding a second modification line to support AEI freighter conversion programmes. KF Aerospace began converting freighters for AEI in February 2017 and is currently the sole Canadian-based authorised AEI conversion centre. The current and foreseeable market demand for AEI freighters is driving the need for additional production line capacity.

KF Aerospace has a long history of performing passenger-to-freighter modifications and is well-versed in the modification of AEI’s B737-400SF. AEI and KF Aerospace are looking to start B737-800SF conversions at the facility perhaps as early as the end of 2020.

AEI has three additional authorised conversion centres worldwide, which include Commercial Jet Inc., in Miami, Florida, Commercial Jet Services in Dothan, Alabama and STAECO in Shandong Province, PRC.