Avancon’s Universal Profile revolutionises conveyor systems

Avancon’s Universal Profile revolutionises conveyor systems

In the dynamic world of conveyor systems, manufacturers and integrators have long relied on many profiles for stands, suspensions, brackets, and cross members. Yet, in a bold departure from convention, Avancon presents a paradigm shift: one profile to rule them all.

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Enter Avancon’s groundbreaking universal profile, crafted from finely anodised aluminium, exuding a sleek satin finish. By adopting a singular multi-functional profile, Avancon substantially reduces inventory, streamlines efficiency, and simplifies logistical processes.

But Avancon’s innovation continues beyond there. Beyond its elegant exterior lies a versatile core, capable of serving as a sturdy cross-member for chassis structures, uprights, hangers, and more. Barcode readers, numeric displays, and even small label printers are seamlessly integrated into the system, courtesy of Avancon’s ingenious design.

Reinforced ribs diffuse the profile with unparalleled strength, ensuring reliability in the most demanding environments. With slots primed for galvanised steel components and extruded round holes tailored for self-tapping screws, assembly becomes a breeze, epitomising efficiency at every turn.

Avancon’s A300 profile is not just a component but the cornerstone of a transformative conveyor experience. From enhancing existing designs to spawning innovative accessories, this profile empowers creators to redefine what’s possible in conveyor systems.