AviaSuite and Albion Aviation Group team up to offer digital broker platform


AviaSuite and the Albion Aviation Group have teamed up to offer a digital broker platform for the cargo charter market. The digital platform allows clients to obtain pricing for all their cargo charter requirements, ranging from a small turboprop aircraft to an Antonov 225.

Unlike  other digital platforms in the cargo charter marketplace, this platform is able to quote cargo charters anywhere in the world and has access to over 100 pre-qualified cargo operators. Only cargo operators which have been prequalified and can provide the required aircraft documents, such as insurance, AOC and airworthiness are featured on the platform to help maintain the highest levels of safety and compliance.

Lewis King, Albion Aviation director, commented: “Having recently participated in a panel discussion at the Dubai Air Show last month on the future of digital cargo, there appears to be a demand for a digital cargo charter platform where clients can obtain charter pricing online anywhere in the world and at anytime of the day.

“We have been working with AviaSuite for sometime now on how best to develop and automate the platform with artificial intelligence. We are interested to see how the market reacts”

Vitaly Similianets, AviaSuite founder and CEO, added: “Combining The Albion Aviation Group’s experience of cargo charter management with ours in aviation software development allows us to deliver the synergies for cargo chartering process digitalisation customers are looking for in the modern air cargo world.”