BARIG calls for reduction in charges for carriers at Frankfurt

Frankfurt Airport

The Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG) is calling for a reduction in charges for all carriers at Frankfurt Airport.

BARIG has made the call following yesterday’s announcement that Ryanair will soon offer flights from Frankfurt and claims the fully equal treatment for all airlines at Frankfurt – newcomers and airlines that are already operating alike.

According to BARIG, which is the mutual representation of interests of around 100 national and international airlines, any implemented rebate of airport charges must apply to all and cannot privilege individual players.

BARIG general secretary, Michael Hoppe explains: “Evidently, Frankfurt is by far one of the most expensive airports in Europe. In consequence of the immense burden of charges many airlines are forced to evaluate the profitability of their routes to and from Frankfurt.”

BARIG says for many years it and its member airlines have been urging the airport operator Fraport to finally put an end to spiralling costs and rather begin relieving airlines from the “tremendous cost burden”.

Hoppe states: “When an airline like Ryanair, which is obviously very much cost-sensitive, is lured to Frankfurt, there must be significant room for cheaper charges. Without limitations all other airlines operating there must also get the same advantage. We are therefore looking forward to experience the corresponding cost relief for our airlines very soon.”