BARIG partners with legal firm WSHP

BARIG WSHP - Holger Strahl, WSHP (left), and Michael Hoppe, BARIG (right)

Airlines, especially those originating from abroad, are confronted with countless issues from a wide variety of legal fields in Germany, from market entrance to ongoing business operations.

With the law firm WSHP Rechtsanwälte und Notare (WSHP), the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG) now strengthens their business partnerships in the section “Legal / Advocate / Notary.”

The firm has over 20 years of experience in advising airlines, irrespective of whether their focus is on passenger traffic or airfreight.

“In aviation, there is an entire range of subjects for which our more than 100 members require legal expertise. Ever so often, these issues are particularly specialized. Thus, only proven aviation law experts, who are familiar with the numerous peculiarities of this industry, can provide appropriate assistance,” BARIG secretary general Michael Hoppe states.

“With WSHP, we therefore warmly welcome proven experts as our new business partner.” 

Typical cases in which airlines rely on legal support from specialists include, for example, negotiations with the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) to obtain permission to enter Germany, proceedings regarding the Corona Regulation, air traffic tax, or representation vis-à-vis the German Federal Police with regard to API-data-collection.

Attorney-at-law Holger Strahl, who is partner of the law firm WSHP and entrusted with a large number of mandates from the airline industry for many years, comments: “For two decades, we have been advising airlines in Germany. We not only have excellent know-how in aviation law, but also very extensive experience in the market. As a new business partner of BARIG, we are looking forward to the exchange with the representatives of the airlines.”