Bavarian companies back third runway at Munich Airport

AirBridgeCargo Airlines at Munich Airport
AirBridgeCargo Airlines at Munich Airport

The construction of the third runway at Munich Airport in the near future will be vital for the ongoing competitiveness of the Bavarian economy, according to a new study.

German business association VBW, which represents the interests of the state’s business community, states that Munich Airport “is a decisive factor behind the high level of prosperity in Bavaria.”

The study finds the gateway secures more than 70,000 jobs in the state and accounts for 4.4 billion euros in value creation per year.

The study forecasts Germany-wide employment gains of 20,000 jobs through the implementation of the planned third runway, including more than 15,000 in Bavaria, while it would also generate added value of more than one billion euros annually.

“These figures clearly demonstrate that the airport expansion amounts to an economic stimulus programme for all of Bavaria,” saiys Dr. Michael Kerkloh, president and chief executive officer of Munich Airport.

Conversely, the authors of the study warn that a failure to expand the airport will put an end to the airport’s hub function. The conclusions are also reflected in the views of many business leaders.

About 60 renowned Bavarian companies, business associations and international aviation companies have voiced their strong support for the expansion project on the airport’s website. The third runway is set to open up opportunities for airlines from around the world.

American Airlines head of sales for Central and Eastern Europe, Joachim Tietz, says the expansion will: “Support the continuing growth of American Airlines at Munich Airport in the medium to long-term, which means offering more flights to destinations all over the world and stationing more aircraft here. That will enable us to create more jobs and help to continue the Munich Airport success story.”

South African Airways’ head of European operations, Michael Bentele, notes: “Only a third runway offers South African Airways clear growth prospects.”

Kerkloh adds this clear support for a third runway at Munich from the business leaders is “a strong boost for the expansion project.”