B&H Worldwide chosen for EMEA by AeroVision International


AeroVision International will open a new forward stocking location to service customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in collaboration with B&H Worldwide.

AeroVision’s vice president (VP) of aircraft services, Pete Gibson says: “Our newly initiated warehouse will be adjacent to London’s Heathrow Airport, allowing customers outside of North America greatly improved access to AeroVision’s inventory of regional aircraft parts.

“Utilising the 24/7/365 support of B&H Worldwide will cut lead times for normal shipments and greatly reduce the response time for EMEA customer’s AOG situations.”

B&H Worldwide VP for the Americas, Reg Echeumuna says: “We are delighted to have been chosen to provide these specialist logistics services to a leading global provider like AeroVision International.

“Our highly trained team at Heathrow will be focused on providing a first class service, which will enable AeroVision to maintain the highest integrity of its forward stocking supply chain.”