B&H Worldwide forms partnership with African freight forwarder


B&H Worldwide has appointed ACX (Advanced Cargo Express) as its agent for Morocco – the first time the company has formed a partnership with a North African freight forwarder.

Based Casablanca’s Mohammed V Airport, ACX has a considerable aerospace industry experience and is able to provide direct airside capability at the gateway.

B&H Worldwide and ACX have previously worked together and this appointment is a formalisation of that working relationship.

B&H Worldwide chief executive officer, Stuart Allen says: “Partnering with ACX means we can actively take advantage of the growing aerospace opportunities in Morocco.

“Their capabilities and experience are an excellent fit with the B&H model and we look forward to a long and mutually productive partnership.”

Adds ACX’ managing director, Alain Pelletier says the partnership will allow both companies to support the aerospace market in and out of Morocco.

He adds: “Our collaboration in Morocco under the umbrella of the worldwide leader in the AOG field will enable us to grow and expand the quality of our service offering in this very challenging industry.”