B&H Worldwide to provide AOG services to airBaltic


B&H Worldwide has signed an agreement to handle AOG and routine traffic as service cargo to and from London Gatwick Airport on behalf of airBaltic.

airBaltic operates a fleet of 34 aircraft offering direct flights from Riga, Latvia to more than 70 destinations with additional direct flights from Tallinn, Estonia and Vilnius, Lithuania to various European destinations.

Under the new contract, which is effective immediately, B&H will exclusively manage all AOG traffic, time-critical spares and routine shipments.

B&H will take care of the entire shipping process providing transparency to airBaltic through the use of its OnTrack system to provide track & trace and reporting with an option to include full inventory management in the future.

The contract will be managed through the B&H London Heathrow Control Tower providing 24/7 365 service to the customer.

B&H Worldwide chief executive officer, Stuart Allen says: “We are delighted to have added another blue-chip carrier to our client portfolio. airBaltic has a high-level reputation to protect having been voted the world’s most punctual airline and we are confident we can play our part in it continuing to maintain those high standards by supplying both AOG and routine cargo supplies on time, every time.”