Bollore Logistics gains TAPA FSR A certification in Milan

Bolloré receives an offer for the purchase of Bolloré Africa Logistics

Bollore Logistics has obtained TAPA FSR A certification for its Milan warehouse, ensuring that it meets all the conditions to protect goods from theft and cargo related crime.

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) FSR Level A is awarded to sites with the highest level of security requirements in storage services.

The Milan warehouse specialises in the fashion and luxury sectors with a set of specific equipment adapted to the industry, and a dedicated team supports labelling and repackaging articles by destination site.

Products are then transported on hangers mostly leaving for Asia, and computer systems integrated with customers’ IT provide monitoring of the entire process in real time and end-to-end.

Additional arrangements to enhance security of the site including the construction of a high value cage inside the warehouse; set up of a daily guard post at the entrance of the site providing access control; implementation of access management restricted to the offices and store via identification badges with individualised and nominated access right; and strengthening of video surveillance and anti-intrusion devices.

Bollore Logistics Italy managing director, Luigi Brunetti says: “Improvements have been made both in terms of equipment and safety and training processes for teams to ensure the maximum security of the goods of our high-end fashion customers, although they benefit also to other stored goods.

“They are essential to meet the current requirements of customers, and prepare us to increase volumes in our warehouse by 15 to 20 per cent this year.”