Bolloré receives TAPA FSR A 2020 for Roissy CDG hub

Hub de Roissy CDG

On May 19 2021, Bolloré Logistics obtained the TAPA FSR A 2020 certification (Transported Asset Protection Association – Facility Security Requirements) for its Roissy CDG Hub.

This certification, the most demanding available in terms of security, will strengthen the confidence of the Roissy CDG Hub’s customers, in particular the major players in the pharmaceutical, luxury goods and defence sectors, as well as all exporters of sensitive or high-value products.

In a market where the security of goods is a key concern, this internationally recognised certification ensures that Bolloré Logistics’ Roissy warehouse meets all the requirements for protecting goods against theft and cargo diversion.

“Achieving the TAPA FSR A certification for our Hub demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with the best security and protection conditions for their high-value goods such as luxury or high-tech products. It also illustrates Bolloré Logistics’ desire to actively pursue excellence,” said Pascal le Guevel, director of the Bolloré Logistics Hub at Roissy CDG.

“The site and building, already highly secure and compliant with AEO (Customs and Security/Safety) requirements for air cargo security as an Authorised Agent, have been given additional security features, including enhanced video surveillance systems and improved processes and equipment to protect sensitive, high-value products,” said Nicholas Gilbert, head of security France at Bolloré Logistics.