Brazilian Customs gives RIOgaleão green light for AEO


RIOgaleão Cargo has become an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), in AEO Safety (AEO-S) category, with certification granted by Brazilian Federal Customs. With this achievement, Tom Jobim International Airport becomes the only airport in Brazil to be recognised as an AEO. In addition, RIOgaleão Cargo becomes Brazilian Federal Customs’ strategic partner, providing greater predictability in the flow of the international market and consequent boost in investments in the Brazilian economy.

To achieve AEO status, RIOgaleão started working on the Customs’ requirements and guidelines in 2016. Over the last months, the company intensified its work on the implementation of new controls and adaptations of processes and infrastructure in order to prepare for the validation audit, which occurred in October 2018. The achievement, in addition to being highly representative in safety levels, also reinforced RIOgaleão Cargo’s commitment to compliance and operational integrity, pillars already implemented and improved since the company obtained CEIV Pharma and ISO 9001: 2015 certificates.

In a statement, the airport explained that categories of the certification are AEO Safety (AEO-S), in which RIOgaleão fits, AEO Compliance (AEO-C) and AEO Integration (AEO-I). According to Brazilian Federal Customs rules, safety criteria evaluated in AEO-S are: cargo safety; physical access control; training and threat awareness; physical security of facilities and management of trading partners.

A company certified with the AEO Security has differentiated standards of compliance and must continually improve its customs controls through risk management.

“For RIOgaleão, the achievement of this certification, besides contributing to the standardization of customs procedures, still made us a reference to the market as a safe operator. One example is the recognition for having best practices in detecting and preventing infringements,” says Patrick Fehring, aerobusiness director at RIOgaleão.

AEO certification is not mandatory in Brazil, but has become representative in the global market. Today, the chain is considered safer when all those involved in the process have it. More than 160 companies are recognised by the AEO Brazilian programme.

“For RIOgaleão’s customers, one of the main benefits of operating in an AEO-certified environment is to achieve the linearity of their logistics processes, avoiding breaks in the security of their chain, which facilitates international trade in several aspects and ensures trust with other stakeholders,” says Fehring.

Being granted the AEO certification means that the cargo terminal at Tom Jobim International Airport complied with more than 40 items in seven different areas related to the program evaluation process.